What to check when launching your new Shopify store


It’s launch season and with more and more stores under the Shopify umbrella we thought we would share some quick tips on what to check before launching your Shopify store. We already covered the top 7 things to check before launching your Shopify store. In this article we would like to expand upon this. Let’s dive in.

Shopify Apps

If you have any apps installed be sure they are working properly before and after you launch your store. Some apps depend on your domain and after you go live (by pointing your domain to the Shopify servers) you will want to verify they are still functioning properly.

Your Shopify checkout methods

So you’ve completed your sandbox testing and your ready to go live. Once the site is live however you should still go thru each checkout method ensuring it is functioning properly. Pay special attention to what your customers will see during checkout and ensure a smooth ride to prevent abandon carts and or checkouts during the payment flows.

Your product content and SEO

Ensure your products are entered properly. If you have hired a 3rd party to enter your Shopify product catalog this is especially crucial as it can affect you negatively with bad SEO. Ensure your product types, product vendors, pricing, titles, and descriptions are in synch and properly optimized. This can be as simple as just describing the product very well and using the most accurate information you have available for each item in your store. Checkout our other article 5 ways to boost your Shopify SEO campaign for tips on how to improve SEO.

Listen to your customers

Before launching be sure to have in place one or two ways for a customer to reach out and ask a quick question if they get stuck or find a bug. This is essential after any launch as you want to gain feedback from your customers and insight to potential issues with your Shopify store. We recommend AnswersEasy Shopify Customer Support for this very reason. You can easily see what your customers are looking for and also add topics to allow them to easily find what they are looking for when making a buying decision.

Mobile first

With mobile making up for half of all web sales it’s no longer optional to support mobile users through a good solid responsive layout. Many of the Shopify themes from the Shopify theme store are already responsive. Once you setup your theme and populate it with content it’s a good idea to check and make sure everything is still functional, easy to use, and most important of all working properly.

Load time and image sizes

Be sure your site loads fast and isn’t loading oversized images which will slow down load time and reduce conversion rates. Be sure you are using optimum size images and do not use CSS to resize larger images to smaller ones. Checkout this Shopify article how to optimize your Shopify theme for performance.

Navigation, links, and menus

Ensure all of your links are linked to content properly and make sense. This is critical as the easy navigation of your menus will ensure customers can easily find your products and buy them without too much hunting.

Shipping and Taxes

Be sure you have setup a shipping carrier and also your taxes. Shopify makes both fairly easy however you should still confirm they are setup properly and working. The last thing you want is to discover this after the launch of your new Shopify store.

Your domain DNS

Going live is done when your point your domains DNS entry to the Shopify servers. Ensure you have access to GoDaddy, Namecheap, or other DNS hosting service to allow for the transition to be smooth.

As Shopify Experts we can help you launch your store. If you get stuck or need some help you can always hire a Shopify Expert



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