How to get the most out of your ecommerce business with Gmail



Traditional Online Marketing

Ecommerce is an increasingly tough industry to compete in. With the globalization of markets it’s never before been easier to sell online (almost). This increase in vendors moving to the digital space has increased competition tenfold. Not only do you have to have the lowest price, you more importantly have to be found by your new potential customers.

For anyone who has done any kind of online marketing this concept is probably very familiar. SEO may come to mind when you think about getting in front of your customers and boosting sales.

Outside The Box Online Marketing

While SEO and SEM campaigns can be effective, the people overseeing them are often inexperienced in conducting a successful marketing campaign. This yields mediocre results at best. Another reason why this approach should not be the only online marketing consideration you have in your bag.

This is where Gmail comes in. If your using Gmail (chances are high you are) then you literally have troves of valuable data at your disposal with a bit of effort. Google recently released their “Download your data” service which now allows you to easily export your data (emails) to a downloadable file. You can find an excellent article on how to do this over at The PopSugar Blog

Once you have the file you can use a variety of software applications to traverse the data and extract valuable marketing data like emails, names, and even do some pattern analysis to find target specific contacts.

What your looking for here is contacts. Peoples name and email. You want to compile a list of people who will be likely to buy your products and create an email campaign around the lists common demographic.

Once you have your list, it’s time to create a compelling offer that will draw in your newly mined customers. FREE Shipping, 20% OFF 1 Day Only, BOGO, and many other sale campaigns should work, and you can create more than one and experiment. For sending emails we use Mailchimp but Constant Contact or Salesforce is fine too. Whatever your comfortable with.

Be sure to setup a Goal Funnel to track success with your various campaigns so each one goes a little smoother than the last. Soon you will be boosting your sales and increasing your customer base and you also now have a very valuable list of potential new / return customers.


Tim Matheson

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