5 Ways to boost your Shopify SEO Campaign


SEO (search engine optimization) can be critical to the success of your Shopify store. Choosing the right keywords, description and even page title can have a huge impact on the success of a page in this competitive arena of ecommerce we have today. SEO is a state of mind more than a process. It’s a discipline one must perfect over time. In order to optimize even one page for a “search engine” you have to think like one. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have one core function, deliver the most relevant on topic results within the context of the terms searched. How each service ranks relevancy and other factors is an ever changing algorithm as each company perfects it’s software over time. In a sense SEO is your Shopify site’s (or a single page in your Shopify site’s)  reputation with the internet for a given search term. Here are some key elements which are fundamental in starting any Shopify SEO campaign.

  1.  Have good descriptive titles.
    You want your titles to have keywords in them within the first few words.
    Don’t over do it and be specific to what the pages topic is.
  2. Have good description meta tags describing the page and re-enforcing the title keywords.
    Have a look at the search results next time you Google something. Google is hinting to you why each page ranks for the specific term by bolding the keywords.
  3. This is critical, have SEO keywords that match the title, description and page copy in your url’s.
    If you are selling Zippo lighters you want the url to look something like http://yoursite.com/products/zippo-lighters add that with title, description and page copy with “Zippo Lighters” in it and you have a nice start on your Shopify SEO campaign.
  4. Use an app like Metarific by Kamari Labs, Inc. to manage your meta tags. This makes it much easier to manage your Shopify SEO tags in one place.
  5. Monitor your Shopify SEO campaign with Google Analytics. This will give you insight to how users are entering your site and where you can improve your Shopify SEO campaign to maximize revenue and minimize effort.

Shopify has also authored an SEO article titled “SEO 101″ which has some great tips in it as well. Some other SEO resources that will help you kickstart a Shopify SEO campaign are listed below.

  1. 100 FREE SEO Tools
  2. SEO Site checkup
  3. Overture SEO Keyword Tool
  4. SEO Book Keyword Density Checker
  5. Submit your site to Google

There are many other ways you can get your Shopify store to rank for some of the top keywords in your industry. You will learn over time what works as you make adjustments. The important element to any Shopify SEO campaign is Analytics. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. So be sure you install Google Analytics and monitor the results of your Shopify SEO efforts.


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