5 Shopify Apps for your Black Friday Arsenal


With Black Friday right around the corner, we decided to do a roundup post of the top 5 Shopify apps to add to your shop’s arsenal for Black Friday.

  1. Answers Easy

    AnswersEasy is a great app for quickly answering your customers questions real-time.
    With answers easy your customers can search through your tree of knowledge and eliminate support
    and buyer confusion. For this reason this app is our #1 pick.

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  2. Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Tooth is a great app for generating a loyal customer following and turn those one-night-stands into a meaningful relationship with your new customers.

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  3. Social Autopilot

    This app has been great for managing social media in our client’s shops. This app is FREE and it’s amazing. Get a social campaign built around your Black Friday sale and use this app to put it on autopilot!

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  4. Popup Window

    Wanna get your customers attention? Want to promote that Black Friday coupon to ensure they return for your upcoming sale? Popup window is perfect for that. This app makes it super easy to generate a popup window and promote any sale or promotion your having this Black Friday on your Shopify store.

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  5. Kit

    Kit is a digital marketing assistant. Kit can help you manage your sale for the epic Black Friday date. We really like Kit and have been using it in several projects. So far it’s been instrumental in helping our clients market the sites we build for them. For that reason Kit is a must have for your arsenal.

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Tim Matheson

Tim is a software engineer and computer software consultant based in Newport Beach, CA. He has worked with hundreds of companies implementing custom software-as-a-solution business administration tools. Tim's specialty is streamlining process using software for small to large businesses. When he's not saving the internet from dismal failure he enjoys riding his bike along the beach, and the occasional cup of coffee.

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