10 Laws of design and development


At Kamari Labs we have developed a philosophy to govern all our software and website development projects.
This set of 10 laws allows us to consistently deliver well thought out robust software to our clients again and again. We thought we would share it with you incase you would like to apply it to your own business model.

1. User Experience

A website or application should never make the end user feel confused, frustrated, or defeated.

- This is likely one of the most fundamental elements of the 10 laws. A user’s experience or how the software / website makes them feel when using it is critical.

2. Keep it simple

A website or application should always implement the least amount of steps to achieve its underlying purpose and nothing more.

- Keeping it lean and simple ensures less moving parts and a more robust solution. This ties directly into the 9th law of make it bulletproof.

3. Make it nimble

All applications and websites should be designed and implemented in the most efficient way to ensure optimal speed and performance.

- The speed at which users can accomplish a task ties directly into the 1st law.

4. Make it modular

By developing modular code we can reuse boilerplate code allowing us to reduce cost and increase production.

- This is a no brainer. Write it once!

5. Make it for everyone

We take this law pretty seriously. With so many flavors of web users today it is critical you make your products for everyone. This includes the handicapped and elderly users of the internet.

- Screen readers and other accessibility methods of user should always be considered.

6. Make it sell

All software should be designed in a way that it increases and facilitates the maximum sales potential of the application or website. This is a subjective law and will vary a great deal from case to case. A website should always make a conscious effort to convert visitors to sales.

- Pay special attention to this one when your planning a project.

7. Make it better

Always leave code in better condition than when you found it. We believe in Kaizen here at Kamari Labs and this law is based heavily on that principle.

- This ensures we are always optimizing our software and products in a progressive proactive effort.

8. Make sense

All flows of a website / application should make sense. This goes back to the 2nd law keep it simple. A user should be able to determine what he/she needs to do within 10 seconds of visiting the website. Using Google analytics we can measure and optimize this metric.

- Software that makes sense is software that makes money.

9. Make it bulletproof

This one might seem obvious, but many unforeseen glitches can surface even in the best applications or websites. For this reason it is not only critical you anticipate these; but also work proactively to prevent errors, and exceptions in the application or websites you build.

- Error tracking is used to record and correct all errors until none persist.

10. Keep it neat

Neat, lean code ensures your ability to build new features into it with ease. We follow a code structure guideline document which I won’t share in this article that allows us to have a consistent structure for all of our applications and websites.

- Develop a library of reusable code that is well structured and continuously improve it over time. This goes hand in hand with the 4th law of “make it modular”.

It is important to follow each of these laws when developing (software as a product) SAAP and (software as a service) SAAS for your customers. Efficiency will not only streamline your workflow but also lower your cost and time budgets.

We hope you find the 10 laws useful for application in your own business.


Tim Matheson

Tim is a software engineer and computer software consultant based in Newport Beach, CA. He has worked with hundreds of companies implementing custom software-as-a-solution business administration tools. Tim's specialty is streamlining process using software for small to large businesses. When he's not saving the internet from dismal failure he enjoys riding his bike along the beach, and the occasional cup of coffee.

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